In July 2012, the US FBI has plans to shut down multiple DNS servers currently being used as a fix for a malware problem that was investigated by the government over the last few years. This could cause issues for a number of Internet users.

Known as DNSChanger, the malware was brought down in November 2011. Cyber criminals successfully infected systems belonging to millions of users across the world. They had been running the scamming platform since 2007 and were backed by “rouge” DNS servers. The enormous virus ran by causing the infected systems to redirect browsers to scam websites.

The enormous profit was reported to be around fourteen million dollars. Out of the four million systems that were affected globally, 500 thousand of those took place in the US.

The FBI faces a bit of a difficulty when it comes to fixing the damage done by DNSChanger. They cannon simply shut down the rogue DNS servers because anyone who has been infected with the malware would not be ale to correctly access websites without removing the virus one system at a time. To buy some time and avoid an enormous internet outage of nearly half a million systems, the FBI used replacement DNS servers which were set up to provide website redirecting to correct the problem for those that were infected.

Us authorities are hoping the temporary fix has provided enough time for the users to fix their malware problems and will be pulling the replacement servers July 9th.

By: EasyWebHostingReviews