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What Is Free Blog Hosting?

Free Blog Hosting can be a service provided by websites that help you set up a blog 100% free of any cost.

Precisely what is Free Blog Hosting Great for?

Free Blog Hosting is a great resource for gaining more back links for a website you are attempting to increase traffic for. All that you need to do is set up a blog which has a few links that come back to your website and watch your traffic level increase.

Another common use 100 % free blog hosting is for personal blogs to post updates on your occupation, hobbies, or anything as well you would like. These kind of blogs can also allow you to participate in community chats.

Top 10 Free Web site Hosting Websites:

Blogger -> Just about the most popular blog sites and is now owned by Google. It is very user friendly and great for users just starting out with blogging.

WordPress -> Allows you to choose your theme and layout thanks to having its own blogging platform, WordPress.

LiveJournal -> Great for a blogging website and a social networking site. It will allow you to search people by interests and schools.

Blog.com -> Provides indefinite bandwidth for free customers and much more benefits to paid clients.
Tumblr -> A micro-blogging website. It allows users to create text, pictures, videos and more.

Blogsome -> Powered as a result of WordPress.

Open Diary -> Enables unlimited storage space together with posts. Also offers advanced features for low rates.

Blogetery -> A blogging website that offers you payments for writing blogs. It pays 90% of the profits.

Blogster -> Enables free blogging and absolutely free image hosting.
Weebly.com -> Carries a very easy drag & fall interface for creating your own website.

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