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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where by many sites reside on a single web server connected to your Internet. Each website sits without attention piece of the server to maintain it separate from some other websites on that same server.

Who Uses Shared hosting?

Shared Web Hosting is an excellent choice for most people, small to medium sized businesses, and most internet commerce sites. It is but not only cost effective, but it is also a great option if you happen to dont want to have to manage their own server.

Advantages and Features of Shared hosting:

There are tons involving great benefits and features in regards to Shared Web Hosting making it just about the most popular options available. Some of these features and benefits add fact that you can certainly use and very inexpensive because you share the overall cost with other webmasters. There is a server administrator that is designed for those users who dont wish do overcome the hassle of taking care of the server themselves. With Shared hosting, the provider is not only responsible for managing this server, but also for installing server software, providing tech support team, plus more.

Downfalls of Shared hosting:

Along with all the benefits of shared web hosting, there do come several downfalls. One of the significant disadvantages to more experience template designers is the hindrance of control. This is since you also are sharing the server using multiple websites, taking away most of the customization and other options you would normally have with a passionate server for example. The other disadvantage with this type of server is your options can become limited due to the amount of people recommended to share what resources are obtainable.


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