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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Web Hosting is a type of web hosting where the reseller can use his/her allotted hard disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of 3rd parties. The reseller purchases your hosting services wholesale and sells them to customers looking to host their websites. This is more times than not done to get a profit.

Who Uses Reseller Web hosting?

People looking to start their own personal web hosting company most commonly use reseller web hosting. Now and again there will also be people with multiple websites that have reseller accounts for their own personal make use of. Most anyone with an interest in web hosting can be a reseller. It does not require any extensive know-how or past experience using hosting.

Benefits and Popular features of Reseller Web Hosting:

One of the many advantages to Reseller web hosting is this is the very inexpensive way to start your own web hosting company. You get to benefit from the support and resources from an already established web hosting service company.

Another benefit is most reseller plans will assist you to create your own hosting plans and select your own pricing. The resellers are responsible for interacting with their customers, however any technical issues including hardware, software programs, and connectivity problems are forwarded to your service provider that the reseller purchased from.

Downfalls of Reseller Web hosting:

Though there are several advantages with reseller web organizing, a disadvantage is that it is a rather low margin business. This means that there is little profit left after the expenses. It also requires a long time on extensive advertising to get customers in order to become successful.


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