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What is ASP Web hosting?

OR NET (Active Server Internet pages) web hosting will allow you to create dynamic web internet pages. It uses server-side scripting which allows you to create interactive web internet pages, an important feature to help you stand out among the competition. HTML does not give you the same capabilities.

Benefits to ASP Web hosting service:

Dynamic web pages differ from static web pages. Static web pages, the content on your page doesnt change unless the dog owner manually goes in to change it. With dynamic internet pages, the page is deemed unstable and changes as often as the visitor refreshes this page. These types of web pages are also referred to as interactive pages, a key element in making your site better and user friendly.

This type of Hosting makes it possible for your website to look exactly how you want it with anyones computer, regardless of what browser they can be using. ASP Hosting is known for being customization with its maximum.

ASP was introduced as a result of Microsoft and therefor successful on Windows computers, especially those running on newer versions of Windows. It is one of the easiest server-side scripting languages to educate yourself. ASP is based with VBScript, or basic terminology. It is a great place to being learning server-side scripting principles, expanding your knowledge together with experience.

Who uses ASP Web hosting service?

ASP Web Hosting is specially popular among Windows customers, being that it was originally introduced by Ms. Its a great choice for large websites and for blogging pages. It is designed for anyone from beginners because of its simplicity, but full of complex features for the more advance web developer.

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