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What is Windows Web hosting service?

Windows Web Hosting can be a web hosting service on a Microsoft Windows server platform. The following platform allows pages to become hosted using classic OR NET and/or ASP. NET platform.

Who Uses Windows Web hosting?

Windows Web Hosting is easy to use, making it ideal for new or inexperienced web site developers. It is also a great choice for those who enjoy the compatibility it has with other Microsoft products.

Benefits and Features of Windows Web Hosting:

Microsoft windows Web Hosting has one of the simplest user-interfaces available today. It offers ASP, ASP. NET, Access Database Support, and is PHP and MySQL compatible. It has also the MySQL Server data source and an IIS server. It is very convenient in that it is compatible with other Microsoft products which include Excel. Windows web hosting also has nothing to do with the operating system of your computer and has the capacity to be used on any operating system.

Downfalls of Windows Web hosting:

The main downfall to using Windows Website hosting is the cost. It can be very expensive, mainly given it is expensive for the online market place hosting companies to have. That cost is then relayed oh no- the customer and the cost users pay to use Windows hosting.


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